Without clean drinking water, humans get sick. Plants, animals, aquatic life, and the entire food web need clean water to survive. That’s why the Trump administration’s efforts to gut federal clean water protections are so disturbing.

The administration repealed the Clean Water Rule and is now attempting to undo the landmark 1972 Clean Water Act.

The Clean Water Rule protected drinking water sources for more than 117 million Americans – over a third of the nation. If headwaters of major rivers are no longer protected from industrial pollution, downstream water quality will also suffer.

(Removal of protections) would negatively affect nearly one in every five streams; more than half of all wetlands; and many other lakes, ponds and other waters. Especially troubling is that it guts protections for wetlands, which naturally filter harmful industrial pollution, naturally store floodwaters, and act as buffers in coastal locations susceptible to hurricanes.