“New York lawmakers have agreed to pass a sweeping climate plan that calls for the state to all but eliminate its greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, envisioning an era when gas‐guzzling cars, oil‐burning heaters and furnaces would be phased out, and all of the state’s electricity would come from carbon‐free sources.

Under an agreement reached this week between legislative leaders and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act would require the state to slash its planet‐warming pollution 85 percent below 1990 levels by 2050, and offset the remaining 15 percent, possibly through measures to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

If the state manages to hit those targets, it would effectively create a so‐called net‐zero economy, the ultimate goal of environmentalists and others seeking to slow the pace of global warming.

Many Democratic‐led states have passed laws designed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, in response to the Trump administration’s sustained efforts to loosen or abandon environmental regulations on power plants and vehicles.

But New York’s bill, which comes amid a number of Democratic presidential candidates proposing net‐zero targets for the United States, would set one of the most ambitious climate targets by a legislature anywhere in the world.”