Pacificorp, in its 2017 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) Update – sent out on May 1, has for the first time not included new fossil fuels as a ‘least cost, least risk’ resource. This IRP looks out over the next 20 years.

Instead of building any new fossil generation, the company projects a procurement of 2.7 GW of wind, 1.86 GW of solar, 1.877 MW of incremental energy efficiency, and 268 MW of direct-load control resources (demand response). The company also expects to repower 999 MW of wind power.

Pacificorp also plans to retire 3.65 GW of coal within the same period. In total, the power company has about 8.3 GW of coal, oil and gas-fired resources currently available, so this would mean a 44% reduction in its fossil capacity, and a fleet where wind and solar represent a majority of capacity, if not necessarily generation.