Green jobs are already taking off in a big way.

Nationwide in the US, there are already ( about 3.26 million total jobs currently existing in the clean energy sector, outnumbering jobs in fossil fuels by about three-to-one in 2018 and coinciding with renewable electricity generation beating coal for the first time ever (

In fact, the two fastest-growing jobs in the country right now are clean energy jobs. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics,( employment of solar photovoltaic (PV) installers is projected to grow 63.3 percent from 2018 to 2028.

The second-fastest growing occupation is wind turbine technician, with growth expected to be 56.9 percent from 2018 to 2028.
Globally, by 2030, as many as 24 million new clean energy and low-carbon jobs could be on the horizon (

And for workers in clean energy, paychecks tend to be both larger and more equitable ( , compared to all workers nationally, with mean hourly wages often exceeding national pay averages by 8 to 19 percent.

Expanding clean energy, however, offers dividends far greater than just a paycheck. Reducing carbon pollution fights climate change—and that means a healthier environment for all of us, reduced risk of extreme weather, and protecting our planet and its inhabitants for generations to come.

Imagine how many more Americans we could put to work—and how much more carbon pollution we could reduce—if more leaders focused on growing green jobs.



Our changing climate comes largely from the increased levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs)—chiefly carbon dioxide—produced mostly by our burning of fossil fuels for electricity, industry, and transportation.

This added carbon and extra heat are more than the Earth’s finely balanced systems can handle, at least without changing our climate and making storms more violent, oceans hotter and more acidic, and on and on.

We’re seeing the effects of a world transformed by rising temperatures and changing weather patterns everywhere from our well-being to our wallets. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

The solutions to the climate crisis are numerous, but they boil down to one shared goal: Urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions and speed the global shift to renewable energies like solar and wind.

We need to de-carbonize our economies. And we need to do it as rapidly as possible.

To do that and work toward a healthy, stable, safe, and sustainable future for the planet, we need leaders willing to work toward that goal. Leaders who are making climate solutions a reality. It’s just that simple.

Supporting leaders who speak for all of us, rather than for a few corporate interests—it’s the principle at the heart of democracy.

If we want a healthy, sustainable future for all Americans, we have to support leaders who share that goal.

There’s hope on the horizon. And that hope is you.